Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 325

April  27th, 2013

Jadon hasn't been feeling well.  We are not sure what he caught?

Day 324

April  26th, 2013

Jaren and Jenea went to Sister Wilsons home today to pull weeds and earn money for summer camp.  This is Sister Wilson showing me how she makes her area rugs.  I wasn't there when the children were pulling weeds.

Day 323

April  25th, 2013

First sprinkler day of the year, it was about 74 outside.  Here is our neighbor Nick, Jude and Jaren.  

Day 322

April  24th, 2013

Jenevieve learned to pull herself up into a standing position.

Day 321

April  23rd, 2013

Some weeds from the yard for our smoothie - california poppy, borage, calendula and melissa.  

Day 320

April  22nd, 2013

Tonight we had a star party on our deck, the neighbors came over.  There was ssupposed to be a metor shower.  We didn't see anything. 

Day 319

April  21st, 2013

Today is Grandpa Tuttle's 60th birthday! We attacked his bathroom with 60 hearts that said reasons we love grandpa.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 318

April  20th, 2013

Today was our stakes New to You event.  I donated a truck load of stuff and came home with a few bags full of clothing for the children and me.  It was fun!   

Day 317

April  19th, 2013

Tonight Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw came to town.  Jolie is helping Grandma Tuttle, the NW GSG coach hand out prizes.   

Day 316

April  18th, 2013

Jadon and I had a date today.  We rode our bikes to the dollar store, bought treats and a balloon.  

Day 315

April  17th, 2013

Look who can officially crawl all over the place?????  Apparently Rocket man wanted to be the star of this picture.  

Day 314

April  16th, 2013

Jude entertaining Jenevieve.

Day 313

April  15th, 2013

Today Jadon and I went on a bike ride to pay bills - and the dreaded taxes.  We passed a house that had shoes with flowers on each step going up to it's front porch.  I wish I had taken a picture.  

Day 312

April  14th, 2013

Today was our last day with the Shaun Graham's.  They leave for California on Monday, sniff sniff.  We'll miss them terribly.  Here are Thatcher, Jude, Jadon and Dash watching a movie after dinner.   

Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 311

April  13th, 2013

Jolie attended a stake activity girls activity today that was right up her alley.  The theme was princesses, they ate princess food, sang princess songs, wore princess clothing and learned about the temple.  

Day 310

April  12th, 2013

We had two visitors to our neighborhood this Tuesday.  Coyotes; they came from the wilderness area at the end of the street.  The neighbor across the street from us looked out her bedroom window at 9:30 am and saw them eating the neighbors goats.  I thought I saw a coyote run down the street on Monday.  Apparently I did.  Makes me a little nervous that they are coming out during the day, heck, makes me nervous that they are coming out at all.  

Day 309

April  11th, 2013

JJ and I are visiting with our next door neighbor Lisa.  Lisa loves to talk.  She's our neighborhoods Mrs. Kravitz - she knows all the neighborhood gossip.   

Day 308

April  10th, 2013

The children have discovered more neighbors to play with.  Little Callan that lives around the corner and his dog Cooper.  Something interesting about these neighbors, Callan's dad is a former New York Yankies pro ball player.  He was injured seriously so had to quit the pros.  Who knew??????

Day 307

April  9th, 2013

Jaren decided he wanted to make super bubbles today, so Paul got some wire and his solder iron to make a big bubble wand for him.

Day 306

April  8th, 2013

Ahhhhh, another system.  This is a peg board the three oldest children and I have.  It helps us keep track of our stewardships and get rewarded for fulfilling them.  

Day 305

April  7th, 2013

Dinner at the Graham's.  

Day 304

April  6th, 2013

Guess who is 7 months old today and who also has her very first tooth?  Jenevieve Joy!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 303

April  5th, 2013

I do not understand the mind of my ten year old boy (Jaren).  I asked him to hang up the two coats on the playroom floor.  He hung up the two coats, apparently there was a third (I didn't realize), so since I asked him to only hang up two, he threw the 3rd one in the trash.  

Day 302

April  4th, 2013

We had scouts at our house again.  Here is Jaren, Benji, and Hayden floating and sinking grapes.  We also made rainbows, did invisible writing and made crystals.

Day 301

April  3rd, 2013

I spotted a Jude Bird in my maple tree outside the living room window.