Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 54

July 29th, 2012


Here are the two preggo's in the house.  I'm 35 weeks and we don't know how far Mia (whom we now call Mama Mia) is.  I'm sure she'll have her babies before I do though because a cats average gestation period is 65 days.    

Day 53

July 28th, 2012


Today was Jolie's big day, she got baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and given the gift of the Holy Ghost by her father.  

Day 52

July 27th, 2012


Grandma and I took Jolie to get her ears pierced at Clair's in the mall.  She did a wonderful job!  She picked medium size diamond studs.  This was part of her 8th birthday gift from Grandma.  

Day 51

July 26th, 2012


Tonight we had a Relief Society class where we learned to make our own rocket stoves out of cans.  I'm excited to learn how to use it.  I wonder if it's food burn proof?      

Day 50

July 25th, 2012 


Today we sold our van.  All of us are surprised at how quickly it sold.  Now we are vanless until we buy our next one, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  I'll miss this little van.  We had it for 6 years, purchasing it when we were expecting Jude.  So many good memories we have of it.      

Day 49

July 24th, 2012


I went to the Deseret Industries store and made some great finds today.  Among them is this sign.  I bought it for the kitchen.  When I won't be helping the children get food if the kitchen is closed.  I'll leave it open 5 times each day for them to eat.  5 times is enough time right?    

Day 48

July 23rd, 2012


I did it again - burned something in my Sun Oven, the oven that supposedly one can't burn food in.  These are flavored pumpkin seeds.  The funny thing is I left these on the counter and my dad came along and put some on his salad.  He said they tasted good.  Maybe that's because he grew up with a mother (whom I love and miss VERY much) who constantly burned food.  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 47

July 22nd, 2012


I LOVE this picture of Paul and Jolie (taken last Sunday) at the temple with Jude and Jaren having fun in the background.   

Day 46

July 21st, 2012


Today was the first time this summer the children got out the kiddie pool. 

Day 45

July 20th, 2012


Today Midwife Betty came for her home visit.  Getting closer - I'm 34 weeks pregnant today.  I want to be 100% ready for baby to come in the next three weeks. I've got to gather my supplies and get some baby stuff down and cleaned.

Day 43

July 19th, 2012


I made these necklaces and bracelets for Jolie to wear on her baptism day.  I was really hoping to purchase something but couldn't find what I wanted that would fit a little girl.  Thank goodness for Micheal's Craft store.

Day 42

July 18th, 2012


Something that we are doing this year for birthdays is taking the family on a field trip.  For Jolie's birthday we went to the Enchanted Forest today.  We took along her friend Jenna.  I was so glad to have my parents there to help corrall 6 children.  Paul and I got an idea today of what it will be like to have 6 children running around.  Exhausting!

We watched the Cinderella play while there.  After the girls (Jenna, Jolie and Jenea) wanted to meet the actors.  Jolie is talking to Cinderella.  The actors sang Jolie "Happy Birthday".  

Day 41

July 17th, 2012


Today is Jolie's 8th birthday!  She wanted me to buy her a birthday dress, it's become a tradition with her.  

Day 40

July 16th, 2012


I didn't take a picture today.  We took this yesterday at the temple when we were having pictures taken for Jolie's baptism announcements.  It was a cloudy day, at least it was dry.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 39

July 15th, 2012


This is Jude during singing time.  He attends Jaren's class that Paul teaches each Sunday.

Day 38

July 14th, 2012


Jadon accompanied me to my favorite produce store - Spicers Brothers.  Jadon loves to go places and do things.  I'm glad to have him along.

Day 37

July 13th, 2012


This evening our family went to Jaren's scout camp for the closing dinner and ceremonies.  This is Jaren and Jaren with Lady Enora - doing their group shout.  These boys were brave to get up in front of everyone just the two of them.

Day 36

July 12th, 2012

This is Jaren's scout group at camp this year. Jaren F, Jaden, Henry, Cooper, Dillan, Benji and Jaren G is on the right.  I don't know who the 3 boys in the front row are.

Day 35

July 11th, 2012


Jaren had scout camp all week.  This is one of his favorite activities - archery.

Day 34

July 10th, 2012


One of Paul's favorite activities is shooting.  He often goes with his parents - I'm just not into it.  Here is his mom taking a shot.  Go Grandma Graham!

Day 33

July 9th, 2012


Finally the sun came out and it is warm enough to take the children swimming at the Oregon City Swimming Pool.  Jude LOVES to swim!

Day 32

July 8th, 2012


Jolie giving her talk on gospel principles in primary.  She did a great job!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 31

July 7th, 2012


LOVE this license plate cover I found today at my favorite thrift store, Deseret Industries.  I think I'll save this for when we get our BMW - the large "Mormon Mover" 12 seater van I want to buy before the baby comes.  We won't be fitting in our little mini van much longer. 

Day 30

July 6th, 2012


So, I baked my first meals in the Sun Oven; zucchini and mushrooms for me; pizza for the children.  Can't tell what the food is can you?  That's because I burned it.  The Sun Oven BURNED my food!  And I quote from the instruction manual sent to me by Global Sun Oven corp "Since foods do not burn in the Sun Oven.....

I sure proved them wrong.