Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 144

October 27th, 2012

Today was Jaren's last soccer game.  He (the Cougar team) won.  This was the first game all 8 of us went to; grandpa Tuttle came along too.  It was raining before the game, it stopped for the game, then started up again after the game.  Here are Jadon and Jude watching warm up.

Day 143

Jenea helped us get ready for the Halloween party tonight by putting the pumpkin patch (black bean humus, carrot slices and parsley) together.

Jadon as Spiderman at the Halloween party costume parade.

Paul got very creative and dressed up as an aircraft carrior.  I think he had the most creative costume at the party. 

October 26th, 2012

Today was an eventful day.  7 of us went to the Waddels annual Halloween Party and Jolie wanted to go to the ward talent show with her friend Jenna.  She and Jenna sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus" for the show.  Jenna's mom recorded it for us.

Day 142

October 25th, 2012

Jaren had a pack meet tonight.  The theme was the American Flag and voting.  Here is Jaren with his fellow scouts Benjie and Henry learning about voting.

Day 141

October 24th, 2012

Jude is starting to draw - he likes to draw lots of pictures and post them on the fridge.

Day 140

October 23rd, 2012

Another mystery was solved.  I have been missing my camera for 3 months now.  When I was gathering my maternity clothing and getting out my skinny clothing I found the camera in the bottom of my shirt drawer.  On the camera I found this picture of Jadon sneaking candy.  

Day 139

October 22nd, 2012

Today we got two packages in the mail - one from Grandma Joy and a mystery package.  This package had a return address that was a P.O. box.  I wasn't sure about opening it - but I did anyway.  In it I found a wrapped gift - a baby book.  I suspected this was a gift for Jenevieve.  I posted on facebook that I received a mystery gift in the mail.  A friend of mine posted that she sent it, she forgot to put the card in it.  I love mysteries!

Day 138

October 21st, 2012

Today was Jenevieve's first day at church.  Jenevieve, Jude and I just stayed for sacrament meeting.  We've been fighting a cold - and are taking things slow. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 137

October 20th, 2012

Jenevieve and our friends baby Bridger.  They are 3 months apart.  JJ and I went out today.  JJ is 6 weeks old so my babymoon is officially over.  It was strange to drive today after not having driven for over 6 weeks.

Day 136

October 19th, 2012

Here is our little Mama Mia who is 1 1/2 years old.  She's changed after having babies.  

Day 135

October 18th, 2012

People often tell me that I'm ruining my children by homeschooling them.  Jenea drew this today.  It says today's homework math.  Math is good.  I also saw on her entrepreneur class homework the words "I love homework".  I NEVER said that until I got to college.  Sure hope she always has a love of learning.

Day 134

October 17th, 2012

The kittens are 10 weeks old now.  It's time to start finding them new homes.  Everyone except for me and Jaren wants to keep the male Siamese Rocket.  Jaren wants to keep Smokey, the grey kitten and I'd like to keep Mia.  We can only keep one cat.  Jenea made these signs and posted them all over the house.

Day 133

October 16th, 2012

It's that time of year again.  The big hairy spiders are back.  This one was on the ceiling in the downstairs hallway.  

Day 132

October 15th, 2012

We have had these kinds of mirrors before leaning against the wall.  They have been broken so we decided to attach this one to the wall.  Somehow Jadon managed to break it anyway. 

Day 131

October 14th, 2012

Jaren wasn't feeling well today so he stayed home from church with Jenevieve and I today.  He asked me to play a game of chess with him.  I thought chess sounded boring, but I actually enjoyed playing it. Jaren is hiding under the table, camera shy I guess?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 130

October 13th, 2012

JJ and I came home today.  Jadon wanted to be helpful so I asked him to bring this pile of old coloring books and papers upstairs to put in the recycle bin.  This is where he put the paper, in the laundry room.  I wasn't sure why - but found out the recycling bin was full.  This works, it's near the back door where we do take the recycling out.  

Day 129

October 12th, 2012

JJ and I have spent the last few days at Grandma and Grandpa Grahams - just for a break.  I've spent much of that time scrap-booking our families 365 blog from June 2010-2011.   

Day 128

October 11th, 2012

Today is Jenea's 12th birthday.  What she wanted most is to go on a date with Paul and purchase Cat Warrior books.  That's what they did.   

Day 127

October 10th, 2012

This is what Paul spends a fair amount of time doing - looking for work.  Jadon is trying to talk Paul into allowing him to watch motorcycle videos on his Kindle.  

Day 126

October 9th, 2012

Today was JJ's first car ride - Jadon likes to hold her finger.  He was excited she was in the car with us.  JJ did great - slept the whole way to Grandma Graham's.

Day 125

October 8th, 2012

This morning Paul got up early to go to the hospital and be with his mom and Aunt Jan while his dad had quadruple bypass heart surgery.  The surgery went well and Grandpa Graham is doing just fine. 

Day 124

October 7th, 2012


Today is General Conference Sunday.  We all watched it in the living room.  Jaren and Jenea drew this picture of the conference speakers.